Teacher Essentials


Self-directed Professional Development for Teachers


High quality standards-based professional learning for teachers.

Derived from the Accelerated School Administrator Program (ASAP®), and ASAP for Teachers, Teacher Essentials course modules can each be completed in an hour at minimum, or can engage the learner for several hours if you choose to complete all of the exercises and further study the referenced articles and research.

Teacher Essentials lessons can be used for:

  • creating instructional strategies
  • staff and group meetings
  • teacher professional development credit
  • working directly with students in the classroom

Derived from the Accelerated School Administrator Program (ASAP), Teacher Essentials course modules are designed to promote professional learning, increase competency and engage educators in learning that will prepare them for advancement. Content is divided into the following categories:

  1. Planning and Building - 23 course modules including subjects such as establishing the classroom climate, planning the physical environment, managing the classroom, planning effective lessons, the essential elements of results-focused lesson study, disaggregating data and data essentials for improving student performance, understanding teams, and much more.

  2. Classroom Instruction - 31 course modules including subjects such as best teaching practices, cooperative learning, differentiating instruction, effective questioning strategies, motivating materials and strategies for readers, and much more.

  3. ELL & Exceptional Students - 11 course modules dealing with teaching exceptional students, the history of educational inclusion, the Individual Education Program (IEP), language acquisition research, sheltered instruction, assessment of ELL, and much more.

  4. Classroom tools and resources for Elementary, Middle, and Secondary teachers - 37 course modules ranging in subject from reading strategies and number sense, to main idea, plot and purpose, algebraic thinking, and earth and space sciences.

  5. Technology and Distributed Learning - 16 modules in subjects ranging from technology essentials for the classroom to use of synchronous and asynchronous tools in distributed learning.

These resources have been approved as Educator Accomplished Practices in several states, and content in all instructional and support modules are approved as providing content and support for Standards Based Instruction (Common Core and/or NGSSS).

Each of the course modules can be completed in a minimum of one hour, or can engage the learner for several hours depending on how they choose to complete all of the exercises and optional studies. Each of the 118 course modules can count for one clock hour of Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit if your district chooses to provide credit. At the completion of each module the participant can download a PDF version and print a Certificate of Completion for submission to the local credit-granting authority.

It is up to the individual to apply for and receive approval for CEU credit from their local authority. The granting of credit for certification or re-certification or other professional development purposes is at the discretion of each credit granting authority and ASAP and its partners make no guarantees that any course modules will automatically provide CEU credit. Each course module provides a Certificate of Completion to show that the participant has completed the course work, and these should be submitted to your local authority by each user. For a list of certification requirements by state, please visit our resource page at ASAP Elearning.

Teacher Essentials also has a lesson category that is not classroom-based, making it ideal for homeschooling educators who want access to the same high quality professional development provided to classroom teachers.


Teacher Essentials is sold on a subscription basis. This allows participants to log in at any time, as often as necessary, without concern for any additional costs. Subscriptions are available for purchase on our BUY page.

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